S.C.S. College of Pharmacy was established with a mission i.e. “Catering the Pharmaceutical Education from a rural base to rural mass with a global perspective”. The college has progressed well in achieving the mission by not only admitting the selected students from the rural background but also in appointing many faculty member with rural background. Even the teaching methodology was adapted to the needs of the students from rural background. The research projects that are undertaken were also mostly from the rural, native and traditional remedies. In addition by introducing extracurricular activities the institution has contributed a lot not only in academic but also personality development of the student. To add feather to the cap of the institution, many ranks were secured earlier in the university exams. In the academic year 2003 – 04 also our institution has bagged gold medals both in B. Pharm. and M.Pharm. courses in university examinations conducted by RGUHS, Bangalore. Both the rank holders are students with rural background and competed with the students of metropolitan background. This is sufficient to prove that the institution is progressing in right path for achieving its mission.


  • "To create an arena for learning concepts of modern pharnmaceutical technology with human face."
  • "To explore, substantiate and integrate native medicinal knowledge with modern pharmaceutical technology".


Long Term Goals

  • To upgrade the institution into a RURAL INSTITUTE OF PHARMACEUTICAL EDUCTION AND RESEARCH of international reputation.
  • Collaboration with foreign universities for exposure to modern and latest trends in pharmacy teaching and research including trust areas.
  • To establish rural Phramacotherpeutic awareness cell to enlighten the community in general.
  • To establish a network of rural educational and research centers so as to dispense the generated data to the needy.
  • To have a tie-up with laboratories of international repute and conduct exchange programmes.
  • To establish supremacy in current areas of teaching.
  • To retain and motivate existing lot of dedicated and dynamic young staff.
  • To mould the students/candidates in academics to be adaptive to the dynamism required to face the challenges of the drug industry in the post GATT scenario.

Short Term Goals

  • To provide excellent facilities and to develop it into a model center for learning pharmacy. As a matter of fact it was aimed to equip all class rooms with audio-visual means of education kits like OHP, and LCD projectors, etc. The no. of laboratories shall be enhanced so as to accommodate more practical/research activities. To equip laboratories with all the equipments that are essential for the regular practicals/ research activities.
  • To continuous up gradation of faculty by allowing them to attend various workshops, national and interanational conferences, industrial training or visits etc.
  • To train the non-teaching staff such that their skills and efficiency is increased, e.g. Training the attendant of animal house in animal house keeping by sending him to a national institute.
  • To blend and integrate the native medicinal system with modern technology.
  • To upgrade the knowledge of native remedies with the help of Pharmaceutical technology, i.e. adopting modern formulation techniques for the utilisation of native medicines.
  • To prepare a database of native remedies, natural resources that can be exploited for the purpose of treatment of human ailments.

Message By Principal

SCS College of Pharmacy is a constituent college of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Karnataka. Bengaluru. In line with our vision of providing an exciting and challenging learning and research enviornment designed to develop independent, innovative and creative ideas, The institution is working towards becoming a centre of excellence in pharmaceutical education and research and will be world leader in the field of pharmaceutical sciences with a vision of strengthening the healthcare of the country.

The students of this premier pharmacy institute in India are sure to have a rich learning experience, good research environment, and valuable guidance by nationally / internationally renowned faculty and support by various national and international forums and pharmaceutical industry.

Instruments in the College

  • HPLC ( Shimadzu )
  • FT-IR ( Shimadzu )
  • UV-VIS double-beam spectrophotometer (Shimadzu)
  • Brookfield viscometer.
  • 8-Station tablet punching machine.
  • 8-Station dissolution apparatus ( USP, Electrolab)
  • Semi-autoanalyser ( Star )
  • Rotary flash evaporators.
  • Nephlo-Turbido meter, Florimeter and colorimeters.
  • 24-hour power supply to instrumentation lab.




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